Go2Consult is a California Department of Education certified non-public agency (NPA) that provides comprehensive school-based speech and language services in the state of California. 

Go2Consult is committed to giving every child a chance to thrive. Our students form the focus of our work and our professional lives; Speaking is one of the most important skills that people have, and while it might be taken for granted, we at Go2Consult never lose sight of the critical importance of speech and language to the development and maintenance of academic skills, self-esteem, and happiness, especially among children. Our deep-seated mission is to ensure that all children are able to express themselves to the fullest, and we work closely with all of our clients to ensure that this mission is a success.

Our team of skilled speech language pathologists strive to help children with speech and language impairments to communicate effectively, so that they can live their lives to the fullest.

Go2Consult currently serves the needs of students and young children across the Inland Empire and Orange County, and have provided intervention and school-based services, as well as training and support to speech therapists across Southern California since our establishment in 2005. 


Go2Consult is a multidisciplinary team committed to meeting the Speech Language Pathology needs of your student population. We have served students in the Inland Empire Region and across greater Southern California since 2005, during which time we have adhered to a heartfelt mission of improving the performance of students with speech and communication impairments, all in order to help them to better-meet their educational, social, and development needs. We have long recruited only the best possible talent, through close connections with major SLP university programs, both in California and across the United States, and are eager to prove ourselves to you.

Why Choose Go2Consult?

            Go2Consult is the superior choice for your student population for a range of reasons: First, we offer HIGH QUALITY and unparalleled service provided by our talented CA licensed speech language pathologists. Go2Consult consultants are able to handle the most difficult workloads and critical need children with proven results in a cost effective manner. Finally, we provide comprehensive and Direct Collaboration, to ensure that client goals and purpose of their SLP is known to teachers, administrators, and other staff. Go2Consult provides our SLPs with the training necessary to provide the best possible services to your students. We provide our therapists with comprehensive assistance and tools necessary to conduct effective evaluations which drive effective interventions, even under large caseloads. We are a small organization which hires only the best personnel, so we can provide the closely-monitored and supported SLP services that your students require.


Go2Consult is a certified NPA, and provides a wide range of IEP-based speech and language services. Here are some other services which Go2Consut provides:

  • Speech language therapy (individual and group) and assessments per students’ IEPs in compliance with federal, state and district guidelines
  • School-based documentation: IEPs, therapy notes, progress reports, data collection, attendance logs, etc.
  • Caseload management
  • Screenings, assessments and evaluations
  • Parent/ Teacher consultations and collaboration
  • Collaboration with classroom Staff
  • School-based Documentation: IEPs, therapy notes, progress reports, data collection, and attendance registers

Clinical supervision and support for all Go2Consult therapists, including on-site visits

  • Supervision of Clinical Fellows and Speech-Language Pathology Assistants at no charge to the district
  • Independent educational evaluations (IEEs)
  • Bilingual evaluations
  • Independent Speech and Language Evaluations


Go2Consult conducts independent educational evaluations. Our IEEs are driven by the Clinical Assessment of Pragmatics (CAPs) test, a novel and cutting-edge approach to communicative disorders assessments authored by our founder and chief administrator Dr. Adriana Lavi. This test helps to ensure that pragmatic language skills assessments are be made of our students with extraordinary accuracy, and Dr. Lavi herself is on hand to ensure that its purpose, method, and effectiveness is known.


Go2Consult is eager to prove itself in this engaging field, and to be your next career step. Our comprehensive speech and language services are provided throughout the Inland Empire and Southern California, and employ cutting-edge methodologies, particularly the CAPs assessment and other interventions to assist our students.

Any speech language pathologist, whether recently graduated or seeking a career change, can appreciate the great deal of care we bring to our practice, as well as the strong measure of rigor which we employ in our evaluations and intervention. We provide an opportunity to engage in good work with all of our students, and to make a difference which can shape the community and lives for years to come.

As a choice of professional direction, Go2Consult cannot be beat. Our mission is as much one strongly-focused on caring for the needs of our staff as it prioritizes our students. We believe that the delivery of compassionate and effective care cannot be provided unless it reflects larger priorities of organizational care. To this end, we provide an environment which emphasizes the professional goals of all our therapists.

Do you seek a challenging, diverse, and rewarding environment that encourages professional success? Go2Consult provides both one-on-one assistance and mentoring, and opportunities for development in an engaging and critical field.

Most importantly, Go2Consult is eager to benefit from fresh perspectives.

We listen, we care, we support and we work for you.

Join us today!


Your years of hard work are about to pay off! Congratulations and welcome to the field! Now is the time to make one of the most important decisions of your career, and choose your first assignment. A new speech language pathologist’s career direction is most-closely informed by their first assignment, and the quality of that assignment – and their enthusiasm for this work –  is often shaped by the degree of support they receive from their supervision.

It is toward this understandable concern that Go2Consult pledges its commitment to your ease of transition from student to practice. We provide excellent supervision and guidance from experts in this field, as well as a wide range of resources which can be relied upon to help navigate the often difficult waters of a new career.

Here are some other qualities which set us apart:

Supervision and Guidance. We provide strongly-focused supervision from highly-rated guidance personnel, who put in a significantly greater amount of supervision hours than ASHA standard, and seek to ensure that your every question is answered. Our supervisors are there for you, and provide the experience necessary to ensure that the transition from education to clinical practice is met with ease. We provide comprehensive guidance in common ‘trouble’ areas during your first year of practice, including how to create student schedules and IEP calendars, as well as guidance for how to prepare IEPs, as well as instruction in how to present student reports and how best to present student progress. In addition, we are a small enough organization that all levels of management are on hand to ensure that your needs are met.

Personal Supervision from Management. Head of Go2Consult Dr. Adriana Lavi, an experienced speech therapist with extensive experience in the schools of southern California, holder of specialized training and expertise in the area of autism, and author of the comprehensive and cutting-edge Clinical Assessment of Pragmatics (CAPs) test, is on hand to personally guide your placement. She personally coordinates with each of the SLPs we hire, to help them to find the practice which is their best fit for their interests, education, and expertise. Through working closely with both our SLPs and schools administration, she provides insider expertise as to which student populations might best be served by our staff, and where SLP needs are greatest. Unlike other SLP agencies in California, Lavi and other members of our core team strive to ensure that each new SLP hired is directed to specific schools which meet their specific needs.

Competitive Pay and Professional Benefits. Go2Consult provides the highest pay in the industry, offering 20-30% higher base pay than that offered by other SLP agencies. Appropriately, our standards are higher, but because we seek only the best SLPs, and provide generous compensation for their skills. In addition, we compensate all of our SLPs for their California SLP licensure and credentials, the cost of their professional insurance as well as tests and therapy materials. Signing bonuses are also available for qualified candidates.

Therapy Resources. Our comprehensive library of resources is informed by our greater than a decade of operation, and the experiences, viewpoints, and data provided by all of our SLPs throughout the Inland Empire and greater Southern California region. Through active collaboration and wide-reaching information sharing, you can rest assured that the answers you seek – or the means to gain critical information – is often just a quick moment away.

We also provide opportunities for continuing education, to ensure that each of our SLPs continues to advance their knowledge as they work.

Specialized Training. Go2Consult provides specialized training programs designed to ensure that all of our SLPs gain the skills they need to meet our students’ needs. We provide a bilingual SLP training program, through which all of our interested bilingual SLPs can gain expertise in the provision of bilingual assessment and therapy for our many Spanish-speaking student-clients. Specific placements are offered by which 45 hours of bilingual assessment instruction is provided to interested SLPs. In addition, we provide a direct training program in the therapy, assessment, and intervention focused on students with severe to mild/high-functioning autism.

Go2Consult is a small facility eager to make a difference in our client’s lives, and are committed to ensuring that all the SLPs we hire are matched with assignments which will allow them to share in this mission, to gain the skills they need to succeed, and be compensated generously for their efforts. Join us today!