Go2Consult is a California Department of Education certified non-public agency (NPA) that provides comprehensive school-based speech and language services in the state of California. 

Go2Consult is committed to giving every child a chance to thrive. Our students form the focus of our work and our professional lives; Speaking is one of the most important skills that people have, and while it might be taken for granted, we at Go2Consult never lose sight of the critical importance of speech and language to the development and maintenance of academic skills, self-esteem, and happiness, especially among children. Our deep-seated mission is to ensure that all children are able to express themselves to the fullest, and we work closely with all of our clients to ensure that this mission is a success.

Our team of skilled speech language pathologists strive to help children with speech and language impairments to communicate effectively, so that they can live their lives to the fullest.

Go2Consult currently serves the needs of students and young children across the Inland Empire and Orange County, and have provided intervention and school-based services, as well as training and support to speech therapists across Southern California since our establishment in 2005. 

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