Go2Consult is a multidisciplinary team committed to meeting the Speech Language Pathology needs of your student population. We have served students in the Inland Empire Region and across greater Southern California since 2005, during which time we have adhered to a heartfelt mission of improving the performance of students with speech and communication impairments, all in order to help them to better-meet their educational, social, and development needs. We have long recruited only the best possible talent, through close connections with major SLP university programs, both in California and across the United States, and are eager to prove ourselves to you.

Why Choose Go2Consult?

            Go2Consult is the superior choice for your student population for a range of reasons: First, we offer HIGH QUALITY and unparalleled service provided by our talented CA licensed speech language pathologists. Go2Consult consultants are able to handle the most difficult workloads and critical need children with proven results in a cost effective manner. Finally, we provide comprehensive and Direct Collaboration, to ensure that client goals and purpose of their SLP is known to teachers, administrators, and other staff. Go2Consult provides our SLPs with the training necessary to provide the best possible services to your students. We provide our therapists with comprehensive assistance and tools necessary to conduct effective evaluations which drive effective interventions, even under large caseloads. We are a small organization which hires only the best personnel, so we can provide the closely-monitored and supported SLP services that your students require.


Go2Consult is a certified NPA, and provides a wide range of IEP-based speech and language services. Here are some other services which Go2Consut provides:

  • Speech language therapy (individual and group) and assessments per students’ IEPs in compliance with federal, state and district guidelines
  • School-based documentation: IEPs, therapy notes, progress reports, data collection, attendance logs, etc.
  • Caseload management
  • Screenings, assessments and evaluations
  • Parent/ Teacher consultations and collaboration
  • Collaboration with classroom Staff
  • School-based Documentation: IEPs, therapy notes, progress reports, data collection, and attendance registers

Clinical supervision and support for all Go2Consult therapists, including on-site visits

  • Supervision of Clinical Fellows and Speech-Language Pathology Assistants at no charge to the district
  • Independent educational evaluations (IEEs)
  • Bilingual evaluations
  • Independent Speech and Language Evaluations


Go2Consult conducts independent educational evaluations. Our IEEs are driven by the Clinical Assessment of Pragmatics (CAPs) test, a novel and cutting-edge approach to communicative disorders assessments authored by our founder and chief administrator Dr. Adriana Lavi. This test helps to ensure that pragmatic language skills assessments are be made of our students with extraordinary accuracy, and Dr. Lavi herself is on hand to ensure that its purpose, method, and effectiveness is known.

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